Low temperature ambient heat is world energy and clean water resources

With abundant energy and clean water and efficient waste disposal, food should be plentiful too for every country. What then will be the next global issue, population and jobs?

Could space be the next frontier where we can fly freely like the birds?

Abundant energy from where?

Do you know we are living in and surrounded by free ambient energy that we can harness inexhaustibly for our modern and future lifestyles?

All we need is G-eN, an innovative energy generating system that works with temperature as low as 20 degree Celsius. While the existing internal combustion engine throws out heat and polluting gases in the exhaust, G-eN while generating mechanical work with energy input extracted from ambient heat has no polluting emission but exhausts out plenty of freezing thermal energy which can make ice out from seawater or backwater. The ice can be used air-conditioning and turn to clean fresh water.

In places of very low temperature heat, the integrated PlasmaZap high temperature reactor provides the energy input boost with thermal decomposition of a high calorific value solution or wet waste slurry that contribute more energy on combustion thereafter. Hence, G-eN can incorporate as a wet waste disposal service as well as generates electricity and clean water, providing the badly needed 3 major global utilities solutions.

G-eN is scalable from small on-board charger for Electric Vehicle to large capacity for commercial or factory. It is possible for power plant but a decentralized utilities services reduce unnecessary carriers and transportation costs. Greenhouse gas issues will be reduced significantly and rapidly.

G-eN is in the final development state. As this project is self funded, it will take a little more time to commercialize. Our bid in Postcode Lottery Green Challenge will help accelerate if this project is appreciated with the win of the Euro 500K.